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OT3+ Ficathon Masterlist:

Happy (now belated) June 15th. (It's my girlfriend's birthday, everyone wish the adorable gvambat as happy a birthday as she can have in the hospital for minor surgery.)

When you finish your fic (and remember, you have all day today to do so) post it in your journal, then comment on this post with a link. I'll update the masterlist as the day goes on. In your comment, please include the title of your fic, the pairing/grouping, and the name of the person you wrote for. On the off chance that there are any spoilers for S2/9 in your fic, please note that as well.

I'm so delighted at the turn-out rate, and you guys have been super about getting your fics in. Be generous; read and feed. I've read most of the stories, and they're excellent.

I've now heard from everyone. There are three outstanding fics, all of which have been promised to me by June 26th. Thanks you guys. You rocketh muchly.

celievamp wrote Bull Dancing for purple_shoes (Jack/Janet/Sam)
purple_shoes wrote Innuendo for joran (Jack/Janet/Sam)
joran wrote Absent Wings for wisdomeagle (McKay/Sam/Weir)
wisdomeagle wrote Highest Wisdom, Deepest Love for sage_theory (Daniel/Sam/Teal'c)
sage_theory wrote Passing Thus Alone for dirty_diana (Daniel/Jack/Sam)
dirty_diana wrote Meaning for becky_monster (Daniel/Jack/Sam) [BACKUP]
becky_monster wrote Menage a... for nandamai (Daniel/Jack/Sam)
nandamai wrote This is the Way for raindroproses (Daniel/Jack/Sam)
raindroproses wrote Propositions for valeria_sg_1 (Daniel/Jack/Sam/Teal'c)
zinelady wrote Paintball Warriors for rogue_planet (Daniel/Jack/Teal'c)
rogue_planet wrote A Good Year for zinelady (Daniel/Jack/Teal'c)
geonncannon wrote Release of Guilt for missyvortexdv (McKay/Grodin/Zelenka)
missyvortexdv wrote Side By Side for geonncannon (McKay/Sam/Weir)
tafkarfanfic wrote The Silent Art of Watching for scrollgirl (McKay/Sheppard/Teyla)
dirty_diana wrote Thirteen Days for azarsuerte (McKay/Sheppard/Weir)
azarsuerte wrote Maelstrom & part 2 for liminalliz (McKay/Sheppard/Weir) [INCOMPLETE]
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