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fic index: miscellaneous fandoms

Fic index. All posted fic is listed except that written in the following fandoms: Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and RPF corresponding to those fandoms. There are two lists; one of fandoms in which I've written at least two fics, then a list of one-shot fandoms. All fandoms are listed alphabetically; within each fandom fic is listed alphabetically. Related fandoms are grouped; RPF is grouped with its parent fandom.

As Time Goes By

In Matters Traditional. Alistair/Judith/Sandy get married, and Jean/Lionel fuss about it. PG.

Pluck. Sandy/Jean. PG. Sandy isn't like Judith. Drabble.

Baby-Sitters Club

Abby's Hanukkah Tales!. Abby + various girlslash. PG-13. Isn't homoerotic bickering the true meaning of every holiday? Lesbian drama, terrible puns, and no one grows older but everyone's gay. In other words, just like canon.

Abominable. AtS crossover. Fred/Janine. PG-13. Fred ponders work, ambition, magic, and whether it's all worth it in the end.

Aftermath. Mary Anne/Janine. PG. Ancient history.

Disagreement. Kristy/Mary Anne. PG-13. Prom preparations.

Equality Marriage: Connecticut. Mary Anne/Kristy (Mary Anne + Dawn). G. After all these years, still my only. Drabble.

Frenzy. Mary Anne/Dawn. G. fanfiction exchange fest gift-giving (it's not a secret anymore). Drabble.

Jessi and the Potential Disaster. Kristy/Jessi. R. Jessi struggles with balance; Kristy just struggles.

Kristy and the Little Jealousies . Kristy/Logan. PG. Kristy knows exactly what she's doing. Right.

Machismo. Jessi/Mallory. PG. Snowman (it's a symbol not a substitute). Drabble.

Mary Anne and the Deep Thaw. Mary Anne/Kristy, Mary Anne + Richard. G. Some nights, you do all your growing up.

New Tradition. Stacey/Janine. G. Tradition (hold your breath and count to three). Drabble.

Nine Rules For Living in a Broken World - IX: Dance. PG-13 overall. Jessi. Drabble.

Opening Night. Claudia + Janine. PG. Janine is hiding in the bathroom, and her sister knows a secret.

Otherwise Very Romantic . Mary Anne/Mallory. PG-13. Christmastime is family time.

Refreshment Committee. Claudia/Dawn. PG. Merry-making (a delectable holiday treat). Drabble.

Someone's Idea of a Joke . West Wing crossover. CJ/Claudia. PG. They have the same name. Drabble.

Sugar. Jessi/Mal. PG. Nutcracker Suite (and so are you). Drabble.

What Bisexuals Do In Bed. Abby/Dawn. PG-13. It turns out Abby and Dawn have a lot to talk about.

What They Discovered . Claudia/Kristy/Mary Anne. NC-17. A slumber party gone right.

California Dairies

Ducky's Book, Volume Three and a Half . Ducky McCrae. Boyslash content. PG-13. The coming-out tale of Christopher McCrae.

Old Year, Unresolved. Ducky+Sunny. PG. Sunny and Ducky are both restless on Christmas Eve.

Reflections/on my reflection . Ducky McCrae. PG. What if Ducky were black? or Ducky thinks about race.

She Changes With The Tide . Dawn. G. New clients drabble.

Sunnywhat? . BtVS crossover. Ducky+Sunny. G. Somewhere in California, Ducky's soul.

Ann M. Martin RPF

Go-Round. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood crossover. Ann/Lady Elaine Fairchild. PG. On the tip of the Cape, nothing's quite as safe as it seems.


First Morning. Eve.

Pietà. Jesus/John. PG-13. The last good joy that Mary knew, it was the joy of eight, to hold her own Son's darling one, when He had met His fate.

Pillars series. Pillar of Cloud (Ruth/Naomi) Pillar of Fire (David/Jonathan) and Pillar of Water (Jesus/Mary Magdalene)

Sisters, Ever. Many biblical women, one great legacy.

Sweet, Salt, and Bitter. Rachel/Leah. NC-17. Incest. The unspeakable sins of sisters (one old, one hungry, both ugly in their way).

Sweet Victory. Miriam.

Thrice Loved. Jesus/Peter. R. Denial (the worst sins linger longest).

Dark Angel

Nine Rules For Living in a Broken World . Nine drabbles about various characters all living in the Dark Angel 'verse (aka the Broken World.) Rules I. and II. are about Original Cindy. PG-13. How we endure, survive, thrive, spar, fight, and emulate squirrels.

Safer Sex. Max/Logan. NC-17. No touching, no sex, and no happiness ever, but there's a workaround. Max and Logan share a bit of joy, once in a lifetime.


Jiggity-Jog . BtVS crossover. Tammy/Faith. NC-17. Faith is Tammy's type.

untitled drabble . Buffyverse crossover. G. In which Tammy is a Slayer, and Wesley is her Watcher.


Eighty-Six Years . John/Aeryn. PG-13. They never get a break.

The Difference . John/Aeryn/John. R. S'mores.

Final Theme: A Coda . R. Post-PKW, this is what could happen. 500 words.

Hand-To-Hand . SGA crossover. D'Argo/Teyla. PG. Drabble.

The Meanings of Pain . Scorpius/Braca. R with BDSM. Drabble.

Seek, Balance/Scale, Learning Experience, Lovehopeluck: Triumvirate, and Blind/Fate . Five drabbles and almost-drabbles about Zhaan, Zhaan and John, John/Aeryn, John and Harvey, and Chiana/D'Argo.

Suitor . Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Crichton. PG. Engines and barbecue. Drabble.

They Dream of Stars . Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Pilot. G. Drabble.

untitled drabble . John. Gen. During "Terra Firma". Drabble.

untitled drabble . Aeryn. Het. S3. Drabble.

untitled drabble . Aeryn. Character death. Het. PG-13. Drabble.

untitled drabble . Chiana. S2 AU. Character death. PG-13. Drabble.

Farscape RPF

The Complete and Unabridged History of Us. Claudia Black/Ben Browder. PG-13. One evening in the middle of the beginning of the cyclic history of two people together.

Promise Me a Royal Flush. Claudia Black/Ben Browder. PG-13. It will be different this time, Claudia, it will. I promised.

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

Amneisa Twitch. Beka/Harper. PG-13. Once upon a time, maybe, Beka was Harper's first. This is their favorite dance.

Captain . Firefly crossover. Dylan/Inara. PG-13. Drabble.

Flicker Fall. Beka/Trance. NC-17. Beka's own gravity is tearing her apart (flash helps).

Other Addictions . BtVS crossover. Ignatius/Willow, Beka/Rafe. R. Ignatius meets the girl of his dreams, Rafe plans the con of a lifetime, and Beka just wants to fly.

Pop Goes... . Trance/Beka. PG. Bubble bath-y fluff.

untitled drabble . Trance gen. S1 AU.

untitled drabble . Trance femslash.

untitled drabble . BtVS crossover. Tara/Trance. G. Dancing.

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice

As a Favor for a Friend. NC-17. Cristina/Derek. NC-17. Forget (these are my superpowers, hypnosis and sex).

What Not To Wear. Violet/Naomi. R. Violet can, in fact, be good in bed.

Grey's Anatomy real person fiction

Game of Nothing. Katherine Heigl/Kate Walsh. NC-17. Tonight it's Walsh's turn to be Kate and Heigl's turn to get laid.

Harry Potter

Alone at Last. Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. Rupert Giles/Hermione Granger. R. This job we do (and other dead-ends). Drabble.

Also, The Quadrille. Hermione/Ron/McGonagall. R. Set during fourth year, movieverse. This is how we learned to dance. Drabble.

Backwards, in Reels. Hermione/Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood. PG. Warnings for infidelity. When you dance, it's hard not to step on someone's toes. Drabble.

Between Wars. Hermione/Lupin/Snape. PG-13. The kind of magic that doesn't require thought. Drabble

But Sex is Sex. Veronica Mars and Buffy: the Vampire Slayer crossover. Hermione/Mac/Giles. PG-13. Like an eagle to the air. Drabble.

Casualities of Trade. Veronica Mars crossover. Hermione/Keith. PG. And I can kill you with my brain. Drabble.

Coached. Hermione Granger/Oliver Wood. NC-17. You learn something new every day. Drabble.

Dirty Flight. Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Mrs. Black. Warning for incestuous themes. NC-17. Sirius is a bit funny about his mother.

Draw Back the Curtain . Hermione/Ginny. NC-17. When this war is over.

Etch. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer crossover. Hermione/Giles. R. It's only skin deep. Drabble.

Funny About Families. Dudley and Aberforth. PG-13. It is universally true about families --

Gold, Frankincense, and Biscuits. Arthur and Albus. PG. Dumbledore stops by to wish Arthur a merry Christmas, and perhaps to apologize.

Gotten . Harry/Ron. NC-17. Broomstick. Drabble.

Greatly Exaggerated. Giles/Remus Lupin. Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. NC-17. Records (and other ways to remember). Drabble.

Growing Old . Sirius/Remus. PG. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Remus remembers.

Heavenwards. Hermione/McGonagall. PG-13. Implied kink. The harder you fall.... Drabble

Incurable . BtVS and FF crossover. McGonagall/Giles/River. R. The Room of Requirement, an insane asylum, a cottage in France, and three very broken people. This story has been remixed: Incurable (The "All You Zombies" Remix).

Keepaway. Hermione/Oliver Wood. R. Hermione's not skilled at sport. Drabble.

Know, That is to Say, Yes. Fridwulfa. PG. Giants know.

Lies My Teachers Told Me. Hermione/Umbridge. NC-17. Warnings for quill. Detention with Dolores. Drabble.

Marley Was Dead. Harry/Ron/Hermione. PG-13. Marley was dead (this wild ride is never over).

Mismatched . Luna/Hermione. G. This is very wrong. Drabble.

Not Since. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer crossover. Hermione/Giles. PG. It's been years since we've had anybody here and we're obsessed. Drabble.

Pinpricks part 1: Halloween . McGonagall/Hermione. PG-13 with spanking. Work (not) in progress. Five points weren't enough.

Pinpricks part 2: After the Leaving Feast . McGonagall/Hermione. PG. Work (not) in progress. Hermione deserves to be punished.

Possible Now. McGonagall/Hermione. PG. First contact, last letter. Drabble.

Potions Passes Past. Hermione/Snape. NC-17. Warnings for extremely dubious consent. She, too, would never shut up. Drabble

Second Time Around. Hermione/Ginny. R. Secrets had best stay that way. Drabble.

Scald. Hermione/Parvati. PG. Perfect. Always. Pressure. Drabble.

Three Women Who Never Brushed Hermione's Hair. Hermione. PG. Habits learned in youth can't be untangled. Triple drabble.

Time, Only Time. Hermione's Time Turner. Eternity should never have been trapped in time.

Transfigure. Hermione/McGonagall. NC-17. Warnings for kink. Flowers (come unblooming now). Drabble.

To the Naked Eye. Snape/Hermione/Ron. NC-17. Liquor and lust make you dumb. Drabble.

Victory, Snatched. McGonagall/Hermione. NC-17. Warnings for mild kink. ...and they done sex (Hermione sustains Quidditch-related injuries).

War Torn. Hermione/Tonks. NC-17. If only she'd stop for a moment, Hermione would understand. Drabble.

Winged Victory. Victoire/Teddy. PG. They are, both, painted beauties.

untitled . Triofic. PG. Immediately post-HBP, this is where my brain went.

House, M.D.

A Few Of Her Favorite Things . House/Cuddy. R. Hard. Drabble.

A Toast To The Happy . PG-13. Wilson/Julie's wedding, with House/Wilson subtext.

Cleansing . Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Chase. PG. Chase is Inara's client. Drabble.

Late Nights and Other Irrelevancies . SGA crossover. House/McKay. Hard R. Accurate diagnoses all around.

Long Island Iced Tea . Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Cameron. PG-13. Cam goes drinking. Drabble.

This Goddamned Marriage . House/ducklings. PG. A thing that stinks.

Little Women universe

Little Petals, Tangled Stems. Daisy/Demi. PG-13. Incest. Though they've wandered far from home, Daisy and Demi Brooke are still two buds on one vine.

Little Virtues . Demi/Dan. PG-13. Nothing Demi has learned in schoolbooks has prepared him for the moment when he first faces temptation.

Mona Lisa Smile

Learning . Giselle/Betty. NC-17. Enlightenment.

Wedding Shower . Gisellle/Betty. PG. They're getting married, they're terribly bohemian, and they know it.

untitled . Giselle/Betty. PG.

PBS Kids

Brace Yourself . Arthur and Friends. Muffy/Francine. PG. Muffy's braces come off. Drabble.

Go-Round . Mister. Rogers' Neighborhood/BSCRPFS crossover. Ann M. Martin/Lady Elaine Fairchild. PG. On the tip of the Cape, nothing's quite as safe as it seems.

Natural Theology. PG. Henrietta Pussycat/X the Owl. Mystical magical treehouse tour.

untitled . Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Daniel S. Tiger. PG-13. 150 words.

Veronica Mars

A Good Enough Disaster . Keith/Alicia, Wallace+Veronica. G. Weddingfic.

Amends . Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Wallace. G. Smiles. Drabble.

But Sex is Sex. Harry Potter and Buffy: the Vampire Slayer crossover. Hermione/Mac/Giles. PG-13. Like an eagle to the air. Drabble.

Casualities of Trade. Harry Potter crossover. Hermione/Keith. PG. And I can kill you with my brain. Drabble.

Nine Rules For Living in a Broken World - VIII: Dance with the Enemy. Weevil/Logan. PG-13 overall. Drabble.

Senseless . Veronica/Lilly. PG-13. In a different world. Lilly's still got Veronica asking questions that can't be answered.

Tea Party (We're All Mad Here). Keith/Veronica/Mac. NC-17. Incest. Mac attempts a rescue mission, but they all go spinning down together.

Undertow . Keith/Veronica. R. Incest. They drag each other under.

West Wing

Conclusion//Affair//Beginning . Josh/Donna. R. A first time, and other accidents.

The Folly of Men . Firefly crossover. Josh/Donna/Kaylee. PG. They talk. Drabble.

Like Boy Scouts in the Dead of Winter. Josh/Mandy. NC-17. Mandy is not a patient person.

Like the Creatures Who Killed Princess Di . CJ/Donna. NC-17. The monsters under CJ's bed.

Marmalade Skies. BtVS crossover. Giles/CJ. NC-17. The clutch of gravity and the taste of a dream.

she ain't heavy . BtVS crossover. CJ/Tara. NC-17. That this too solid flesh would melt.

Untaught Skill . CJ/Simon. NC-17. Soft. Drabble.

Claudia Jean is sex . 4 CJ drabbles - CJ/Abbey/Donna/Amy, CJ/Josh/Sam/Toby, CJ/Tara [BtVS crossover], and Claudia Kishi/CJ [BSC crossover].

Five drabbles . CJ, Donna, Leo, CJ/Josh, Toby.


In the Oceans of Your Excellence . Ultimateverse. Jean/Ororo. Circa #46. NC-17. Drowning.

To Be Lovely. Nebulous comicsverse. Scott/Jean. Jean heals.

One-shot fandoms follow:

Anne of Green Gables

A Day of Do You Remember . Anne/Diana. During Anne of Ingleside. R. Alias, or, changing names.

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Twitch, Shiver, Switch. NCIS crossover. Abby Scuito/Laura Roslin. BDSM. It's a cure-all (then, switch).


All Witches Go to Limbo(the Unbaptized Innocents Refrain). Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. PG-13. Prudence + Tara. Dying is the easy part. Death is impossible. (Despite the title, this is not a remix.)

Children of Dune

Coif . PG. Lady Jessica going to talk to/groom/advise/etc. Ghanima before her wedding to Farad'n. Possibly entirely mis-remembered voices and/or relationships.

Due South

Why They Shouldn't . Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Fraser. PG. Duty.

Emily of New Moon

Three Kings . [also contains BtVS and SG-1; part III is EoNM. Not a crossover.] Emily/Dean. G. To serve and protect, to love and to cherish, to keep watch over their flocks by night.


Smile . Blackie/Sean. G. In which the unflappable Blackie Ryan flaps.

Gone with the Wind

This Way Lies Madness . Buffyverse crossover. Angelus/Rhett. R. Rhett can't refuse.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Love You Tomorrow. Judas/Jesus. R. When you turn, in a moment, He is gone.

Lord of the Rings

Sick . Legolas/Gimli. PG-13. Seasickness and pre-porn. Commentfic.

Loving Annabelle

Hot for Teacher (Cold for Student). Annabelle/Simone. NC-17 with warnings for BDSM. Sticks and stones (are not the answer)

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Warmth Out of the Cold. Matilda/Miss Honey. PG-13. Note the warnings. You're always learning something new.


Twitch, Shiver, Switch. Battlestar Galactica crossover. Abby Scuito/Laura Roslin. BDSM. It's a cure-all (then, switch).

Sports Night

Discuss at Length . PG-13 for implication, Dana/Natalie/Jeremy; Dan+Casey, pretty much spoiler-free.

The Circle of Magic Universe by Tamora Pierce

Foggy Evenings We Have Known. G. Briar and Tris. Tris takes a study break.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Buy You a Looking Glass. Boo+Scout. PG-13 for dark themes. When Boo finally leaves the Radley Place feet-first, Scout inherits his scrapbook.

Ugly Betty

Proof in the Eating. Betty/Christina. NC-17. Comfort food (in liquid form).

Wicked bookverse

Now When the Rain Comes . Wizard of Oz crossover. Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West. NC-17. Rain.


Holodeck . Mulder+Scully. G. Hunting aliens.
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