Ari (creature of dust, child of God) (wisdomeagle) wrote,
Ari (creature of dust, child of God)

... memory lapse, what?

I'm going back through old lgbt/queer_fest prompt posts so I'll have collected in one place all the prompts I've made over the years for purposes of

1) Recycling them myself
2) Being secretly pleased when other people recycle them.

Found this in the 2010 prompt post:
Savage Lovecast, Tech-Savvy Youth, Screening thousands of calls, talking incessantly of sex, watching Dan eat inappropriate numbers of cookies -- a year in the life of the Youth as they figure out their own romantic and sexual lives, aided and abetted by their co-workers and boss.

I had zero recollection of this when I did my Yuletide sign up last year. Huh. Apparently I didn't invent that fandom last fall; I invented it 2 years ago. (AFAIK, no one's actually taken me up on the idea, though.)

Also at DW: Comment here, or join the conversation there, where there is/are comment count unavailable comment(s).
Tags: dan savage, lgbt/queer fest, tales from the archives, yuletide
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