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[bpal] Pentitence

I may have purchased 6 months of paid time on dreamwidth so I could upload a perfume icon and start using a perfume tag.

Under the cut, mostly for my records, all the perfumes I have tried to date

BPALs I have tried:
[general collection]
the Caterpillar
Honey Oleander

[limited edition]
Valentine of Rome 2011 (bottle)

Other perfumeries:


Arcana Soaps
Vampire's Garden

My favorite by far of all the things I've smelled is Penitence by BPAL. In some ways because I am a person of simple tastes. Incense is one of my favorite scents because it makes me think of church, and especially of anointing oils. Penitence is described as "a blend of pure, pious frankincense and graceful myrrh," and it does what it says on the tin.

Most of the oils I've tried smell sweet to me. Good sweet, mostly. Some are foody sweet, some are just weird-sweet, and I think my nose interprets "musk" as sweetness, since Neutral is a "pure skin musk" and it smells incredibly and weirdly sweet to me.

Penitence is a little sweet and a lot spicy. It's intense, and distinct, and it was immediately a comfort smell for me. I have taken to wearing it most nights falling asleep -- which is probably the right time for it, since it doesn't last particularly long on my skin (sadness!) but while it lasts it's incredibly joyful and pleasing and comforting and delicious (though not in a foody way -- I don't want to eat my skin; I just want to inhale it.

My first BPAL order was 6 imps (sample vials), including this one, and this is the one I upgraded to a bottle in my second order.

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