Ari (creature of dust, child of God) (wisdomeagle) wrote,
Ari (creature of dust, child of God)

culture consumed Wednesday:

I downloaded Puzzle Pirates to fill in the gaps while I waited for characters to heal in Marvel Puzzle Quest. 31 hours later...

Things about Puzzle Pirates that are fun:
+Gameplay/puzzles, for the most part. Naturally I am especially fond of the ones with mechanics similar to Bejeweled or Tetris.
+Watching ranking go up in some puzzles.

Things that are really not fun:
+Inscribed gender binary.
+The whole concept of interacting with other people is scary to me.
+Complicated but not especially interesting worldbuilding (politics and economy).

I unpacked my mysteries and am reading The Night She Died by Dorothy Simpson.

I've been listening to Savage Lovecast while I game, which isn't necessarily more improving, but is at least stimulating in a different way.


I stalled in the middle of an episode of Once Upon a Time.


Next: I'm going to try to keep reading mysteries and also try to game less (or at least fucking play Dragon Age, which has a compelling storyline.

Also at DW: Comment here, or join the conversation there, where there is/are comment count unavailable comment(s).
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