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Dear chocolatier,

Thank you so much for writing or drawing for me!

I requested a wide variety of pairings. I'm offering a handful of prompts for each of them, but feel free to mix and match (or to ignore). They're meant to inspire, not to limit. Feel free to visit #dear author: i am delightfully bizarre for past letters.

A list of things I like: AUs (mundane, canon divergence, or otherwise), bdsm, crossovers, darkness, existential angst, fluff, glitter, hair, intertextuality, joy, kidfic, lemon (take it in what sense thou wilt), master/slave, noncon, open relationships, petplay, queerness, roadtrips, sonnets, trivia, underage, Valentines Day, winter, x-rated fic, yesterday, zoos.

Do not want: Scat, sounding.


I requested... a wide variety of pairings.

*Angel/Buffy: Sensory deprivation. Drinking together (blood, booze, coffee, whatever). Forever.
*Angel/Darla: Bloodsports. Hunting together. Role reversal.
*Angel/Wesley: Caning. Lecture. Breaking point.
*Angelus/Buffy: Noncon. Sex under coercion. Strange concept of romance. Fangs.
*Buffy/Spike: Extremely rough sex. The only survivors of the apocalypse. Courtly love. Porch.
*Faith/Wesley: Torture. Training. Obedience.
*Fred/Gunn: Having sex all night long. Going out for breakfast. Protection.
*Fred/Wesley: Dirty talk. Researching late into the night. Madonna/whore. Short skirt.
*Xander/Oz: Crossdressing. Lonely summer. Groupie. Guitar. Painted fingernails.
*Faith/Buffy: Fisting. Endless party. Soulmate. Dancing. Dare you.
*Harmony/Buffy: Gagging. Mind control. Desperation. Unicorns.
*Lilah/Buffy: Shoe worship. Working a long con. Grudging admiration.
*Angel/Spike/Buffy: Pegging. Stuck in an elevator. Jealousy.
*Angelus/Buffy/Spike: Switching. Buffy is turned. Suffering.
*Buffy/Spike/Illyria: Roleplay. Battle turns to sex. Identity.
*Fred/Gunn/Wesley: Daisy chain. Angel dies and the rest of the show is about the rest of the characters. Polyamory. Karaoke. Fit together.

*Illyria/Buffy: Tentacles. Babysitting. Strength.


I requested four pairings. They are all pretty fluffy.

*Hermione Granger/Harry Potter/Ron Weasley: Hermione takes care of her boys. Revising long into the night. The Forbidden Section. Adventuring together forever. Marriage. Picnics.

*Helga Hufflepuff/Rowena Ravenclaw: Learning and working side by side. Theories of magic. Favourite fields of study. Burrows and aeyries. Magical creatures. Architecture.

*Sirius Black/Remus Lupin: Puppy piles. Cartography. Reminiscence. Bittersweetness. Tea. Leaf piles. Always autumn.

*Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley: Counting freckles. Secret confessions. The aftermath of the diary. Under the covers. Coming out. Doing each other's hair. Yule Ball.


I requested two pairings, both canon femslash.

*Jehanne de la Courcel/Moirin mac Fainche: Happily ever after. Jehanne's perfume. Training. A trip to the Night Court. Raising a child together. Plants.

*Phedre no Delaunay/Melisande Shahrizai: any kink, really, I mean. Cutting, branding, fisting, obdience, urophagia, worship (body worship, boot worship, worship of Kushiel through intense S/m...), whipping, figging.... PWP. Reuniting years and years later. The AU where Melisande buys Phedre's marque. Diamond.


All of these are from SG-1, and I'm only familiar with SG-1 up til about S7 (and only deeply familiar through about S6. I'm perfectly open to things set after Daniel's return, but would prefer things set before Jack is promoted to General, or futurefic that ~handwaves~ S8-10 and 'Lantis, as I haven't seen those pieces of canon.


*Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill: Banter. Awkwardness. Shared history. Aging joints. Fishing.
*Daniel Jackson/Sam Carter: Softness. Sciencetwins. Denim. Baking. Motorbike. Leather.
*Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter: Completing each other's sentences. Names. Huddling together for warmth. Fishing. Dress blues.

Prompts, tropes, and kinks, applicable to all three: stuck in an elevator; working when they should be sleeping; pissing off Janet, Janet knows a secret, etc; parenting Cassie; hurt/comfort involving someone having the flu; classic SG-1 dubconny fic cliches (aliens made them do it, alien sex pollen, etc.)

Note: Daniel/Jack/Sam/Teal'c was not in the tagset and I missed noms, but I would be happy to receive it if it's something you're willing to write.

Also at DW: Comment here, or join the conversation there, where there is/are comment count unavailable comment(s).
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