September 28th, 2005

sexy Marilyn Monroe

12 characters (pr0ny version)

So, after the gen version of the 12 characters meme, I figured it was only a matter of time before someone came out with an even-pr0nfuller than the original version. And oh look, someone did. Rules are the same as ever (and I promise I in no way stacked the meme, though don't expect anyone to believe me given some of the questions that turned up, and that's all the clues you're getting.)

This is rated NC-17, and if you don't feel comfortable thinking about the characters you list sexually (and possibly with each other), you've no one to blame but yourself. My list. No cheating! Blank question list is below my answers, behind the cut.

1. Sam Seaborn
2. Sam Carter
3. Sam Gamgee
4. Mallory Pike
5. Malcolm Reynolds
6. Dawn Schafer
7. Dawn Summers
8. CJ Cregg
9. Simon Tam
10. River Tam
11. Rupert Giles
12. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
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