September 26th, 2006

CJ Cregg

the first seven top five lists:

[From the requests here. Multiple pairings, canonical and extracanonical, are stated or implied. Also, there's one completely gratuitously tragic AU. BtVS spoilers through "Chosen". The rest will be written and posted tomorrow, or Thursday, whichever comes first.]

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bisy backson

more top 5, NGIP

[Cameron, Ann/Paula, Caleb, Mac, Joss, tWW support staff (spoiler-free, Elizabeth), River.]

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And one for me:
Five elements that would be present in My Ideal TV Show:
1. Written by Joss.
2. Featuring Allison Janney.
3. About gifted teenagers.
4. Set in an apocalyptic future, or possibly in space (OR BOTH).
5. People are very good at their jobs, except when they become too emotionally invested, and then people die.

I'd love to hear your answers to that last one! (For your own ideal TV shows. Obviously. ALthough if you wanted to point out something obvious I've missed for mine, that would be okay too.)

And with that, I'm off! See you on Thursday! (NGIP)