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ficpost: "And Daniel for Dessert" (Jack/Daniel/Sam/Teal'c)

Title: "And Daniel for Dessert"
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Grouping: Jack/Daniel/Sam/Teal'c
Rating: NC-17 (so very NOT little sister safe)
Spoilers/Timeline: Post-"Threads"
Disclaimer: So totally not mine.
Notes: A slice of Daniel birthday pr0n. Every year for Daniel's birthday, I write fic that will make me happy. Two years ago it was Sam/Daniel fluff. A year ago it was vamp!Giles/Willow non-con pr0n. This year it's plotless, fluffy OT4 pr0nfulness. I hope you enjoy it too.
Summary: They should have done this years ago.
Words: 1057

And Daniel For Dessert

Daniel sighed lazily. "We really should have done this ages ago."

"I know," Sam said, taking another bite of her fish. "Why didn't we?"

"Because you all suck," Jack said with a smile that proved he thought no such thing.

"Indeed we do."

They all groaned, but there was no denying Teal'c had a point. Sucking had been high on the agenda this weekend, along with licking, nibbling, and penetration.

Sam was the last one to finish, and she pushed her plate aside, obviously actively resisting the temptation to wash it. It had taken Jack the better part of their long weekend to convince Sam that she didn't need to wash dishes, keep house, or clean up after their messes. "That's what we do at work," Jack said. "This is called vacation. Va-CAY-shun. Does Daniel need to get out an English-to-workaholic dictionary? I'm sure he has one -- he needs it." But finally Sam had been convinced, so she lounged just as lazily as the rest of them (well, Teal'c didn't really lounge, but Daniel thought his posture was a few degrees from upright.)

"I'm full," Sam said. "The fish was excellent, si -- Jack." That had been another of the weekend's lessons. "Sir" was only acceptable when Daniel said it, and then only in very special circumstances.

"Good!" Jack said brightly. "Then we can move right along to the next item on the agenda." For a moment, Daniel thought he saw what kind of General Jack could be if he put his mind to it, but the sensation faded when Jack reached into the cooler for a beer said, "Happy birthday, Daniel!"

"Uh, thank you, but it's not --"

"We haven't celebrated your birthday," Sam said. "Never."

Daniel caught Teal'c's eye, but Teal'c only shrugged. He was probably in on it too, whatever they had planned. "There's a cake, isn't there?"

"There was supposed to be," said Sam a little ruefully.

"But Carter can't bake." Jack looked absolutely gleeful; Daniel supposed Jack hadn't known there was anything Sam couldn't do perfectly.

"You can't either, sir."

"I don't have the right equipment." Jack gestured towards his crotch.

Daniel caught Sam's eye and shook his head, and she laughed and said, "I don't think we can know that conclusively until we've done more research, sir."


"If you are unable to service SamanthaCarter and DanielJackson, O'Neill, I would be happy to --"

"Okay, okay, we'll go it again. But only because it's Daniel's birthday." Daniel wasn't even slightly tempted to protest, but uncurled from his lounge chair to head inside. "No, wait," Jack said. "There's no one around for miles, and the bugs won't be out for another half hour or so."

"You expect to last half an hour?" Sam's sarcastic incredulity made her look especially kissable, and because it was his birthday, or at least his birthday party, Daniel felt perfectly comfortable indulging. As often happened with Sam, a short peck on the lips turned French turned into Daniel sitting down again, this time on Sam's lap, awkward and unbalanced, trying not to fall over as he pushed against her, maximizing the surface area that was his skin on hers. As Teal'c's large brown hand slipped over the zipper of Daniel's jeans, Daniel reached for the top button of Sam's blouse and gingerly removed it from its hole. Each of Teal'c's fingers beneath the waistband of his boxers was another button open, till he was getting a handjob and Sam was topless, her breasts ready to be kissed by any man brave enough to face the complexities involved in unhooking her bra.

"Mind if I cut in?" Jack was ever the gentleman, even when fully erect and half-naked. It was hard to refuse a man so obviously in love; Daniel sighed and eased off Sam's lap, doing his best not to disturb Teal'c.

"Mmm," Sam moaned -- Jack had decided to risk the bra.

Teal'c had a way with handjobs -- and with blowjobs, and with fucking, but his handjobs were something special. He stroked Daniel almost lazily, and Daniel wouldn't have blamed him if he hadn't been paying full attention -- Jack had gotten rid of Sam's bra entirely and had his mouth around Sam's nipple, one hand tucked into the front of her jeans -- but Teal'c knew just when to increase his pace, and when to go tortuously slow. Daniel was reluctant to let him go, but Sam had pushed Jack aside and reached around Daniel to remove Teal'c's dick from his pants, so Daniel tilted his head at Jack, who nodded and stretched out on the lounger Sam had left vacant. Daniel kissed him gently, and once again a single gentle kiss became many, rougher and deeper and tasting oh-so-faintly of Sam's sweat. He found that without intending to, he'd slipped a hand up Jack's shirt and was drawing teasing circles around his nipple, making Jack nip at his mouth petulantly -- Jack hated to be teased.

Daniel relented, finally, and eased Jack's cock out of his boxers and into his mouth, and he remembered all over again why he loved giving Jack's blowjobs -- the instant feedback for every movement of his tongue, the way Jack started writhing and tried to contain himself but so very often couldn't, bucking into Daniel's mouth with every twinge of arousal. Daniel tuned out the contented groans and saliva-swish of Sam giving Teal'c his blowjob; all his attention was on Jack. He did notice when Sam, finished with Teal'c, slid a slim finger into his anus, just far enough to make him cringe with want, and wrapped the other hand around his dick.

"Hey!" Jack wasn't pleased that Daniel had been distracted, so Daniel let Teal'c take over; he and Sam rearranged themselves so they were face-to-face; he looked a question at her and she nodded her consent. Saying a quick prayer of thanksgiving for oral contraceptives, Daniel positioned himself over Sam and slid inside.

He loved all of this, the fucking, sucking pile of codependency that was apparently his new life, but right then, what he loved best was being inside Sam, looking at her glowing face, and hearing her whisper, "Happy birthday, Daniel." Then Jack and Teal'c rested sweaty hands on his back, and they were icing on his cake.
Tags: daniel jackson, everything stargate, fishing as metaphor, jack o'neill, my fanfic, my gateverse fic, ot4, samantha carter, sg-ot3, teal'c, teh_pr0n
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