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National Coming Out Day [observed]

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Yep, still queer.

I identify as a lesbian because I am a female person who's physically, emotionally, sexually, romantically attracted to other female people.

I identify as queer because my sexuality is not normal, typical, normative, or standard.

I identify as a dyke because I choose to reclaim words that have been used against me. I am not a bulldyke or this thing you call "butch," but I have been called a dyke, and the word is mine.

I identify as femme because, comparatively, I am. I don't do a lot of intentional work to construct my gender, but what shakes out is a feminine femme who doesn't care about clothes or makeup or her own appearance much at all. I am and can be attracted to both butch and femme women.

This year, I am no longer identifying as sekretily bisexual, because, while I am theoretically capable of being attracted to male people, it hasn't happened in awhile, and I feel it's more important to acknowledge my lesbianism (and yes, especially in a generation where many, many of my peers identify as bi) than my potential attraction to male people.

My self-identity is more than a matter of statistics, ~13 female people vs 2 male in eight years. My self-identity is about more than the girl I'm dating now or the girls I've dated in the past. My identity, my sexuality, has defined my life, the people and events that have been most important to me, for my entire teenaged experience. I identify as lesbian because attending a church that was not queer-friendly would be a deal-breaker for me these days. I identify as lesbian because I can't forget middle school or high school. I identify as lesbian because I can. I identify as lesbian because I can't not. I identify as a lesbian because of the faces and bodies that make me take notice, because of the fear in my gut when I tell someone I have a girlfriend, because of the moment of surprised discovery on the schoolbus eight and a half years ago when I was in love for the first time.

[And with that, folks, I'm off! I'm leaving in about half an hour and will be back on Friday -- I'm spending Thursday night with hermionesviolin after an exciting week of Nat'l Coming Out festivities at school. As always, email will be the best way to reach me during the week! Try to get by without me, okay? <3<3, Ari]
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