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official secret slasha recs, membership 12

[post title is an allusion to the wonderous Xander/Oz fic kindkit wrote last Christmas, The Official 'Willow's Ex Boyfriends' Club, Membership 2]

The BtVS boys are my favorites when it comes to boyslash. Lots of really well written fics this year:
+1000 Deaths. Oz/Xander. Fast cars.

+Hopeless. Xander/Andrew. Excellent voices, sweet but not cloying, and oh, Andrew's crush on Xander. Yay.

+Christmas Dinner. Xander/Giles. This is the fic that was written for me, and it's adorable. I squealed like a girl.

+Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now. Giles/Oz. A twisty little love poem. "there's talking and then there's talking, and there's tacit understanding."

+"Of all the cafes, in all the towns...". Giles/Oz. More squee-worthy banter with a lovely ending.

And two with Angel:
+Some Were Born To Sing the Blues. Angel/Oz. Not my pairing at all, but this is a lovely little piece with temptations and compromises and imperfect decisions. It's, well, bluesy.

+Two Demons That Made It Happen. Angel/Wesley. Gooey. Gooey, gooey, gooey, this fic brings the funny, the hurt/comfort, two adorably dorky boys, and did I mention that this is the warm fuzzy kind of fic? "The shrimp puffs are bait."

Some gorgeous girlslash:
+Self Portrait In Two Colours. Nina/Virginia, exquisitely described.

+Shimmer. Tara/Lilah. Mmm, Tara/Lilah in the afterlife, with bonus imagery, pretty dresses, and hot sex. I love afterlives.

+Trip. Willow/Dawn. Warning: non-con. But oh man. The images. Willow trips, and it's trippy, and the whole thing is one gorgeous trip. Perfect S6 crack-addled Willow.

Some fun girlslash:
+You'll Find That Your Arms Are Fine And Strong. Anya/Tara. SQUEAL. The best Anya voice I've seen in a good long while, this made me grin all the way through. It's set late S6, and Tara seems a little young, but Anya is perfect, and the fic is sweet and funny and adorable.

+And a Pinch of Pure Evil. Harmony/Fred. Harmony is incredibly fun, and so is girlslash.
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