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fic index: Stargate: SG-1

[Fic index. All posted fanfiction in Stargate: SG-1, including crossovers and drabbles. Does not include: unfinished works in progress, parody, crackfic, or most fic written in 2003 and posted only to my website. All fic is listed alphabetically by title; untitled drabbles and porn are at the end. A note on the terminology: / always indicates a romantic relationship, including one-sided and unresolved feelings. + simply indicates two or more featured characters and usually, but not always, indicates friendship fic. Where not otherwise indicated, "OT4" means Jack/Daniel/Sam/Teal'c.]

Stargate: SG-1

Accidentally on Purpose. Sam/Janet. PG-13. Janet makes a confession, and Sam isn't sure how to deal with what it means about Janet or about herself.

And Daniel For Dessert. Jack/Daniel/Sam/Teal'c. NC-17. They should have done this years ago.

A Bad Idea. Jack/Sam/Pete. NC-17. Spoilers for "Affinity." Multiple partners, needless to say

Being Sound of Mind and Body. Jack. PG. Jack character study. Mostly gen, with some passing instances of Jack/Sam-ness.

Boys at Swim. Jack/Daniel. PG. Jack finally has Daniel exactly where he wants him. Somehow, it doesn't help.

Car Trouble. Jack/Sam. PG-13. Some things never change.

Charade. Jack/Daniel. PG. 563 words. Curtainfic. mpreg. "a baby phone"

Chocolate Walnut Cookies. Sam/Daniel. Sam can't bake, and Daniel gets a birthday present.

Distractions and Discomforts. Sam/Daniel. R. Sam and Daniel at Home Depot.

Downhill From Here. Jack/Daniel. NC-17. But he makes hungry where most he satisfies -- Shakespeare, alt.

Downtime. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Ice cubes and wacky hi-jinks. 187 words.

Dream Weaver. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Telepathy. S6.

Driving Without Seatbelts; Falling Without Care. Jack/Daniel. Angst. R for sexual situations.

Emotional Decisions. Sam/Martouf. PG-13. Martouf contemplates the complexities of being Tok'ra; Sam remembers things that never happened.

Equality Marriage: Colorado. Jack/Daniel. PG-13. Sometimes it's hard to remember; some things you never forget.

Fear of Falling. Jack/Hammond. G. Stargazing, shingle, words, and Orion. Drabble.

FlyboyFlygirl. SGA crossover. Sam Carter/John Sheppard. NC-17. You know what it's like when everything goes wrong?

The Gate of Moira. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Porn.

Gilt. Jack/Daniel/Sam. R. "The universe lies before you on the floor, in the air, in the mysterious bodies of your dancers, in your mind. From this voyage no one returns poor or weary." - Agnes De Mille

Guinevere Comma Not. Daniel/Cameron/Vala. NC-17. This is not a love triangle, not a relationship, not usual, not typified, and most certainly not Camelot.

Highest Wisdom, Deepest Love. Daniel/Sam/Teal'c. NC-17. An error divine: a comedy in four voices. They live, regret, forgive, and reject.

Homelight on a Field of Stars. Sam/Janet. PG. Experimental living, or, life before children.

Inevitabilities. Jack/Daniel. A tiny wisp of Christmas fic.

The Inverted Logic of Ritual. Jack/Daniel/Sam. Weddingfic. PG-13 for sometimes they have sex. 631 words, set post-S8. No S9 spoilers.

Inquiry. Jack/Sam. NC-17. Comfortable.

Join the Chorus. Jack/Daniel/Sam. PG-13. Sam is ill, and Jack and Daniel comfort her.

The Last Night of the World. Jack/Kinsey. PG-13. The night before the Stargate project goes public, Jack watches the SGC's last party, and the world tilts on its side. Everyone is very drunk.

The Last One-Night Stand Before He Reached L.A.. Angel crossover. Sam/Wesley. NC-17. Wesley and Sam have sex. And it's hot.

Learned Habits. Firefly crossover. Cameron/Kaylee. PG. Tea. Drabble.

Like Most Riddles. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Plotless porn.

Made To Be Broken. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Daniel makes Sam break all the rules.

Managing My Madness. Sam/Daniel. PG-13. Warnings for extreme darkness. Insane with grief, Daniel turns to Sam, again, and again, and again.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker. Firefly crossover. Sam/Jayne. When Sam comes aboard Serenity, Inara teaches Kaylee something about the art of matchmaking.

Much Like Macedonia. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer crossover. Daniel/Giles. R. They met in a library.

Nine Rules for Living in a Broken World - VI: Dance; don't cry. Sam+Teal'c. PG-13 overall. Drabble.

Nine Rules for Living in a Broken World - VII: Dance through your tears. Firefly crossover. Zoe and the Jaffa. PG-13 overall. Drabble.

Oh, Honey, You Baked. Jack/Sam. Fluff. PG. 150 words.

The One Where Jack and Daniel Get Drunk. Short and slashy, and like the title says.

Pizza and Fairy Tales. Sam+Teal'c. G. Sam is disgruntled and disillusioned, and the last thing she wants to do is take Teal'c out for dinner. But Jack has other ideas. Gen.

Pragmatic. Daniel/Jonas. PG-13. An idealist, a pragmatist, two scholars, and an amnesiac meet in an empty room.

Puppy Dogs' Tails. Daniel/Sam. R. Warnings: Dark. The stuff that Daniel's dreams are made on.

Questionable Taste. Jack/Daniel. PG-13. A study in Jack's highly questionable taste in books, movies, and men.

Relief. Sort of Jack/Daniel, sort of Jack/Sam, sort of gen. G. Jack pops the question.

Rituals of Remembrance. Jack/Daniel. PG. Daniel celebrates the first anniversary of Sha're's death, and discovers that more time has passed than he realized.

The Road Goes Ever On and On. Jack/Daniel. PG. Time continues to pass, even when. A dreamy, discontented look at their lives.

Sometimes the Stars Choose Us. Sam/Catherine. R. Catherine Langford and the Stargate are the vertices of two triangles.

The Strangest Thing. Sam/Hammond. R. A conglomeration of moments and memories with a side of weirded-out teammates and some unsettled Electra issues.

Sunrise. Angel crossover. Sam/Wesley. S6 SG-1, S3 AtS. Two drabbles.

Taking It Hard. Sam/Elizabeth Weir. R. Sam can't stop thinking.

There's Rosemary; That's for Remembrance. PG-13. Gen. Character death. Drabble.

Three Kings. Sam/Hammond. (Also includes pairings in Buffy and Emily of New Moon. Not a crossover.) G. To serve and protect, to love and to cherish, to keep watch over their flocks by night.

Wakeful Watch. Jack/Hammond. PG. Stargazing, shingle, words, and Orion. Drabble.

Waning December. Stargate: Atlantis crossover. Daniel Jackson/Elizabeth Weir. PG. Daniel goes to Atlantis; these are the reasons why.

Was There Ever? Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Sam's angry (sexually transmitted amnesia).

Weather Vane. Jack+Sam+Daniel+Teal'c. PG-13. Not everyone dies.

When I Am Old I Shall. Teal'c. PG. These could be the signs that they are growing older.

untitled porn-on-demand. Sam/Daniel. NC-17. Bondage.

untitled. Sam/Daniel smut.

untitled. Jack/Kinsey. NC-17. 2010 timeline. 305 words.

untitled. Jack/Kinsey porn. NC-17. No spoilers.

From this drabble-set, continued here (using the first lines of other people's fics):

From this drabble-set:

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