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fic index: Stargate: Atlantis

[Fic index. All posted fanfiction in Stargate: Atlantis, including crossovers and drabbles. Does not include: unfinished works in progress, parody, or crackfic. All fic is listed alphabetically by title; untitled drabbles and porn are at the end. A note on the terminology: / always indicates a romantic relationship, including one-sided and unresolved feelings. + simply indicates two or more featured characters and usually, but not always, indicates friendship fic.]

Stargate: Atlantis

Big Love. McKay/Weir. Soppy. Drabble.

Boyland. McKay. PG-13. Boyslash content. The boys bemoan the lack of porn, and McKay comes out.

Brave New Day. Beckett. G. The talking cure for homesickness.

Cheaper Than Therapy. Weir/Zelenka. PGish. Flufflet.

Crooked Smile and Straight Path. McKay/Weir. PG. Lost or found. Drabble.

Downers. McKay/Weir. PG. The turkey cure for homesickness.

Equality Marriage: Atlantis. Fred Burkle/Elizabeth Weir. G. An issue of deepest importance. Drabble.

Five Very Good Reasons Why Elizabeth Weir Instituted Policy VI. PG-13. Varied pairings, het, boyslash, blink and you miss it girlslash. Five things that never happened, and the one that happened instead.

FlyboyFlygirl. SG-1 crossover. Sam Carter/John Sheppard. NC-17. You know what it's like when everything goes wrong?

The Gift of Gravity. NC-17. McKay/Weir. Rodney's sister died this afternoon.

Glimpses of an Apocalypse. PG. McKay/Weir and Sheppard/Teyla. Their city falls into the sea while they watch.

Hand-To-Hand. Farscape crossover. D'Argo/Teyla. PG. Drabble.

Homemade. PG-13. Weir/Zelenka. Ice cream. Drabble.

How Kaylee Understood. Firefly crossover. PG. Kaylee/McKay. Need. Drabble.

How They Spoke. Firefly crossover. R. Kaylee/Zelenka. Propulsion. Drabble.

Impulse Control: Pocketful of Starlight. R. Sheppard/Weir. In which Sheppard wants to Screw The Regs, and Weir is still surprising.

In the Margins. PG-13. McKay/Weir. Of oral history, bravery, touch, tiredness, and what Elizabeth remembers.

Mountain-Climbing. NC-17 with D/s. McKay/Weir. It's Rodney's birthday! Yay! (Self-indulgent birthday spanking fic.)

Late Nights and Other Irrelevancies. House M.D. crossover. Hard R. House/McKay. Accurate diagnoses all around.

Life Signs. NC-17. Sheppard/Weir. 615 words of pure PWP.

A Literary Diversion. PG. Sheppard/Weir. Post-"Before I Sleep" angsty flirting fluff.

Nine Rules For Living in a Broken World - IV: Dance in the Snow.. PG-13 overall. Ford.

Nine Rules For Living in a Broken World - V: Dance Like Fighting. PG-13 overall. BtVS crossover. Teyla/Faith.

The Obligations of Fraternity. G. McKay. Rodney at his sister's wedding.

A Magical Time of Year. PG-13. McKay/Sheppard. An alien drug induced wedding.

Of Mistletoe and Other Magic. Firefly crossover. PG-13. Wash/Zoe, Kaylee/Inara, Zelenka --> Kaylee UST, Weir/Sheppard/McKay. The mistletoe Kaylee and Zelenka spread 'round Atlantis has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Over the Hills and Everywhere. PG-13. Weir/McKay/Grodin. The Ancients weren't evangelists, but things are different now.

Phobic. R. McKay/Weir. There's no such thing as a good time to have this discussion.

Scientist Soup: A Mystery. PG. McKay/Beckett/Zelenka. They get married in a strange and unexpected alien ceremony.

Sex Issues. NC-17. McKay/Weir. A consummation. Elizabeth is still surprising.

Shining Time Station. PG-13. Weir/Zelenka. Shining time station, where dreams can come true/your own imagination/waiting there for you.

Should the Issue Arise. PG. Beckett/Ford, subtextual Weir/McKay. Weir understands more than she knows about Beckett and Ford.

Spilled Wisdom. PG. McKay+Weir. A symbol, resolved. Drabble.

Stronger Every Day. G. Weir (with Sheppard/Weir subtext). Elizabeth's work is never done; at the end of a long day tiny duties continue to assault her.

Surprise. Firefly crossover. PG. Kaylee/Ford. Giggle. Drabble.

Three Delicious Moments. PG. Sheppard/Weir. Elizabeth's nightmares.

Trick. McKay/Ford. NC-17. It begins the puddle jumper.

Waning December. Stargate: SG-1 crossover. Daniel Jackson/Elizabeth Weir. PG. Daniel goes to Atlantis; these are the reasons why.

Words Like Weapons. Ronan/Teyla. Post-"Trinity." Drabble.

untitled drabble. Sheppard, slash.

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