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fic index: Firefly

[Fic index. All posted fanfiction in Firefly, including crossovers and drabbles. Does not include: unfinished works in progress, parody, or crackfic. RPF follows FPF. Fic is listed alphabetically by title. Untitled drabbles are at the end. A note on the terminology: / always indicates a romantic relationship, including one-sided and unresolved feelings. + simply indicates two or more featured characters and usually, but not always, indicates friendship fic.]

All Firefly fic

Akin to Revelation. BtVS crossover. Kaylee/Dawn. PG-13. A mistake at this juncture could mean the apocalypse, but jealousy is rampant and the puzzle has one piece too many.

And If You Want to Be Free, Be Free. Not a crossover. Simon/River. PG-13. If I were a knight (sing by you, sing by you). Drabble.

Autumn. Not a crossover. Gen ensemble. PG. They walk through autumn into winter.

Bouzez!. Angel crossover. Fred/Kaylee. R. 100 words and fluffy. Drabble.

Catching Snowflakes on Her Tongue. Not a crossover. Simon and River. PG. River discovers Heisenberg one bitterly cold day.

Defy the Linear. BtVS crossover. Kennedy/River. NC-17. A swordfight.

Every Growing Thing. Not a crossover. Kaylee/River. R. Warnings for unhappiness. This is heart-weeding.

Equality Marriage: The Union of Allied Planets. BtVS crossover. River/Tara. PG. A promise means forever. Drabble.

Faithless. Not a crossover. Mal. PG-13. I don't care what you believe. Just believe it.

Feast Day. BtVS crossover. Spike/Dru. PG. Spike and Dru arrive in the Fireflyverse. Drabble.

The Fermented. Angel crossover. River, Kaylee, and Fred. PG-13. Socks are sacrificed and water falls.

flight & drowning. Not a crossover. River/Kaylee. PG-13. Girls.flight.drowning.

Geometry. Angel crossover. PG-13. Fred/Kaylee. Fred teaches Kaylee to construct.

Grace in Gravity. Angel crossover. Fred/River. NC-17. Every lie's a deeper truth.

Guilt in Your Eyes. Angel crossover. Kaylee/Fred. PG. Another way to get Fred to the future.

happyending. Angel crossover. Kaylee/Fred. G. Spoilerfree. No plot, no reason, just being in love.

Her Career (Or Mine). Buffyverse crossover. Kaylee/Cordelia. R. This is a ghost story (she's the haunting, haunted kind).

High Noon. Not a crossover. Zoe/Wash. G. Kaylee and Wash on the morning of Wash's wedding.

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out. Not a crossover. Kaylee/Inara. PG. If I were a bell (sing with you, sing with you). Drabble.

Incurable. BtVS and Harry Potter crossover. Giles/McGonagall/River. R. The Room of Requirement, an insane asylum, a cottage in France, and three very broken people. This story has been remixed: Incurable (The "All You Zombies" Remix).

A Joining. Not a crossover. G. The entire crew of Serenity gets married.

This Kind of Magic. Angel crossover. Spike/Fred. PG-13. They all thought Fred's soul was destroyed.

Many Magi. AU Bible fusion. Mal + Simon/River/Kaylee. PG-13. Everyone's seeking treasure of a different kind (maybe Kaylee's the wise one, after all).

Matchmaker, Matchmaker. SG-1 crossover. Sam/Jayne. PG-13. When Sam comes aboard Serenity, Inara teaches Kaylee something about the art of matchmaking.

A Million Ways to Be. Angel crossover. River/Illyria. Death. If I were a madman (sing for you, sing for you.) Drabble.

My Cup Runneth Over (Old Song, New Translation). Not a crossover. Shepherd Book. PG-13. Five rungs on the scale of perfection.

New Luxaries. BtVS crossover. Buffy/Mal. PG-13. Fluffy curtainfic, in which they buy a door.

Nine Travelers Who Never Were Lost. BtVS crossover. Ensemble, with Kaylee/Simon. PG. Landings, lovings, and leavetakings.

Not Blind. Angel crossover. Fred/Kaylee/Jayne. PG-13. In which they snog.

Of Mistletoe and Other Magic. Stargate: Atlantis crossover. Wash/Zoe, Kaylee/Inara, Zelenka --> Kaylee UST, Weir/Sheppard/McKay. PG-13. The mistletoe Kaylee and Zelenka spread 'round Atlantis has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Secret Pleasure. Not a crossover. Inara gen. PG-13. Anticipation.

A Simple Thing on Midsummer's Day. Angel crossover. Fred/Kaylee. R. Fred and Kaylee get married, and River gets a bridesmaid's dress.

Smells Like. BtVS crossover. Mal/Faith/Saffron. R. They're the kind of people who live underground.

A Traditional Bridal Flower. Not a crossover. Mal/Inara. PG. A forced wedding as part of a scam.

To Quench Her. BtVS crossover. Jenny/Kaylee. PG. The heat of August awakens new thirsts in Janna's heart.

Unification. Not a crossover. Kaylee/Mal. NC-17. Fireworks (in which our heroes win the day).

Which She Has Never Studied. Not a crossover. Kaylee/Inara. NC-17. Wonder.

untitled. Angel crossover. Untitled Fred/Kaylee drabble.

untitled. Angel crossover. Untitled River/Dana drabble.

Kayleeverse22. 22 drabbles featuring Kaylee/various. Includes pure Firefly, plus crossovers with BtVS, Angel, RPS, the Gateverse, Farscape, House MD, West Wing, Due South, and Veronica Mars.

Firefly RPF

The Lap of Luxury. Summer/Morena. PG-13. Toes. Ficlet.

Now That's Good Television. Firefly RPF. Summer/Sean. NC-17. Celebrity Big Brother, y/y? (YES.)
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