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fic index: Buffyverse

[Fic index. All posted fanfiction in Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel, including crossovers, drabbles, and RPF (listed separately). Does not include: unfinished works in progress, parody, or crackfic. All fic is listed alphabetically by title; untitled drabbles and porn are at the end. A note on the terminology: / always indicates a romantic relationship, including one-sided and unresolved feelings. + simply indicates two or more featured characters and usually, but not always, indicates friendship fic.]

Fiction featuring the characters from Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel

2x5x7 Questions Posed and Answered. Fred. PG-13. How Fred keeps her brain intact.

(This is Not) The Ballad of John and Yoko. Willow/Giles. PG-13. Giles twists and turns in his waking and sleeping, remembers, hopes, and gives up for good what he could never have had. <--- !first full-lenth Buffyfic.

A Small Puzzle. Wesley/Giles. PG. Wesley goes to England, drinks brandy, and saves the world.

Abominable. BSC crossover. Fred/Janine. PG-13. Fred ponders work, ambition, magic, and whether it's all worth it in the end. This story has been remixed: Abominable (the Extended [Baby-Sitters] Club Remix).

After Heaven. Buffy/Vi. NC-17 with a bit o' kink. Actually, make no mistake, Cleveland isn't paradise (Vi conducts a performance review).

Akin to Revelation. Firefly crossover. Dawn/Kaylee, with appearances by the whole Firefly ensemble. PG-13. A mistake at this juncture could mean the apocalypse, but jealousy is rampant and the puzzle has one piece too many.

Alight. Buffy/Nina. PG-13. Smoke.

Amazing Grace. Tara/Nina. R. Tara has really bad luck with group activities.

All Tweedy and Sarcastic. Giles+Tara. PG-13. An early morning in the Magic Box when Giles doesn’t have all the answers anymore.

All Witches Go to Limbo (The Unbaptized Innocents Refrain). Charmed crossover. Prue + Tara. PG-13. Dying is the easy part. Death is impossible. (Not actually a remix.)

Alone at Last. Harry Potter crossover. Giles/Hermione Granger. R. This job we do (and other dead-ends). Drabble.

Amoral Boundaries. Dawn/Illyria. R. Sacrifices have to be made at the end of all things. <--!best fic I ever wrote.

And A Globe. Giles/Oz. PG. Giles explains what Oz knows.

And Goodnight. Giles/Xander. PG. A kind of comfort.

Babes and Sucklings. Spike/Wesley. NC-17. A plate of spaghetti - how Wes and Spike do domestic.

Baked Apples. Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Fred. Fruit. Drabble.

Before School Activities. Buffy/Giles/Willow. G. S2 UST.

Better Than Good. Willow/Xander. PG-13. Wishverse fluff.

Better Than Popcorn. Buffy/Willow. PG. For once, Sheila is right.

Blame It On The Snackfood. Willow/Giles/Buffy UST. PG-13 (or R if you have a really good imagination.) Lickage.

Bonus. Wesley/Fred. PG. Total fluff involving a spatula.

Bouvez!. Firefly crossover. Fred/Kaylee. R. 100 words and fluffy. Drabble.

Bunny Rabbit Girl. Dawn/Nina. PG-13. Sun, sunshiny day, chasing the clouds away! Of food, coffee, and love.

But Sex is Sex. Veronica Mars and Harry Potter crossover. Hermione/Mac/Giles. PG-13. Like an eagle to the air. Drabble.

Calculations. Willow/Fred. PG. Fred counts the cost.

Chess. Wesley/Lilah. R. Wesley joins Wolfram and Hart.

Chocovanilla. Joyce/Olivia. NC-17. Desire in the belly.

The Core of the Apple. Cordelia/Anya. PG-13. Cordelia joins Anya on an epic escape from Sunnydale and its superficialities.

Cross Purposes. Buffy/Giles. PG-13. Table (we'll talk about it later). Drabble.

Curve. Fred/Gunn. PG-13. Backrub.

Deeper Magic. Willow/Oz. NC-17. Forever (from before the dawn of time).

Defy the Linear. Firefly crossover. Kennedy/River. Contains graphic and disturbing content, much like the source texts contain, gender-screwiness, non-prose, overuse of scriptural allusion and Christian metaphor, and swordfight.

Desert Dwellers. First Slayer/Illyria. PG-13. Always arising and falling forever, You I worship.

Disinclined to Prevaricate. Fred/Gunn + Cordelia/Angel. PG-13. Lovemaking and a secret revealed.

Dreaming When the Moon is Void. Dawn/Tara. NC-17. You get dizzy, then you die.

Eating Disorders. Fred/Wesley/Spike. NC-17. One summertime, Fred remember what sane tastes like.

Ends In Yes. Giles/Tara. NC-17. Two ways Giles discovered Tara was bisexual.

Equality Marriage: Atlantis. Stargate: Atlantis crossover. Elizabeth Weir/Fred. G. An issue of deepest importance. Drabble.

Equality Marriage: Califrellingfornia. Anya/Willow. PG-13. Maybe if Willow made a wish? Drabble.

Equality Marriage: The Union of Allied Planets. Firefly crossover. River/Tara. PG. A promise means forever. Drabble.

Equality Marriage: United Kingdom Giles/Xander. (Willow + Xander), G. Second time charm. Drabble.

Etch. Harry Potter crossover. Hermione/Giles. R. It's only skin deep. Drabble.

Europride 2008. Ethan/Xander, Xander+Willow. PG-13. The summer of 2008, just one lucky coincidence after another.

Eurydice Bound (The Unicorn Remyth). Angel/Faith/Wesley. R. In fact, he never was. But since they loved him, a pure beast came to be.

Ever Since the World Began. Buffy/Giles. PG. "This is the way women and men have behaved since the beginning."

Eves. Cordelia/Lilah. NC-17. They always get what they come for and take what they want.

Expanding the Dreamscape. Faith/Tara. PG-13. A lesson in the proper use of Slayer gifts.

Fable. Willow/Tara. G. In which there is a kitty.

Fantasia. Buffy/Faith/Giles/Wesley. NC-17. Four fantasies and a reality.

Faux Pas. Willow/Lorne, Buffy/Angel. PG. Willow is getting married, and Buffy isn't sure she wants to meet the groom.

Fear Not Guilt. Wesley/Angel. NC-17. Shoes (yet start at shame).

Fearless. Buffy/Faith. R. Be not afraid, for lo (there's nothing left to fear).

Feast Day. Spike/Dru. Firefly crossover. PG. Spike and Dru arrive in the Fireflyverse.

The Fermented. Firefly crossover. Fred, Kaylee, and River. Socks are sacrificed and water falls.

The Fields Beyond the Fields. Firefly crossover. Tara/Kaylee. NC-17. Fields.

The Five Games You Play in Heaven. Various pairings. PG-13. Five afterlives that might yet be; everyone is surprised.

Fresh Plucked Bloom. Cordelia/Faith. R. Warnings for disturbing content. Cordelia is bright red.

For Hometown Girls. Willow/Giles. R. Warnings for character death and non-con. What Giles always wanted.

For You Only. Willow/Xander. NC-17. They discuss their long friendship.

Forget Regret. Giles/Willow/Tara. In a ~handwavy~ S7. NC-17. Momentum (all that keeps us going some days). Drabble.

The Fulfillment of Desires. Angel/Wesley. R. Warnings. This is my idea of Angel/Wes fluff. 150 words.

Garret. Olivia/Tara. PG-13. Like something out of Burnett.

Gather Paradise. Fred/Lilah. NC-17. Fred gathers Paradise at Wolfram + Hart.

Geometry. Firefly crossover. PG-13. Fred/Kaylee. Fred teaches Kaylee to construct.

Gift Exchange. Spike/Anya/Xander. PG-13. Fluffy Valentines Day fic. <--! only Spander in the archive!

The Good Kind of Hurt. Giles/Buffy/Faith. PG-13. S3 (There are no) secrets. Drabble.

Grace in Gravity. Firefly crossover. Fred/River. NC-17. Every lie's a deeper truth.

Greatly Exaggerated. Giles/Remus Lupin. Harry Potter crossover. NC-17. Records (and other ways to remember). Drabble.

Guilt in Your Eyes. Firefly crossover. Fred/Kaylee. PG. Another way to get Fred to the future.

Habits Real Girls Have. Dawn/Tara. R. Tara dies, Dawn learns. Never what you expect.

happyending. Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Fred. G. Spoilerfree. No plot, no reason, just being in love.

Her Career (Or Mine). Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Cordelia. R. This is a ghost story (she's the haunting, haunted kind).

Holy Palmers'. Tara/Xander. PG-13. Curtainfic, literally.

How Buffy Confessed. Firefly crossover. Buffy/Kaylee. PG. Hesitation. Drabble.

How They Learned. Firefly crossover. Kaylee/Giles. R. Book.

I Dunno... You Know, Stuff. Willow/Xander. G. Totally friggin' clueless (stuff). Drabble.

If Buffy Never. Xander+Buffy. PG-13. For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

If Buffy Wants. Buffy/Giles. NC-17. Warnings for pain and S/m. "Rupert definitely said Xander. He'll need to be punished."

If Russian Ballerias Were French. Wesley/Gunn/Fred. NC-17. It's a girl thing.

In the Between. Fred/Giles. PG. When worldviews collide.

Incurable. Firefly and Harry Potter crossover. McGonagall/Giles/River. R. The Room of Requirement, an insane asylum, a cottage in France, and three very broken people. This story has been remixed: Incurable (The "All You Zombies" Remix).

The Innocence of Cranberries. Wesley/Willow. PG. This thing is barbarous and delightful.

Insomnia. PG. Tara. <--! and so it began. First Buffyverse fic ever.

It Will Not Last The Night. Fred/Wesley/Lilah. NC-17. Warnings for bondage. They are displayed for each other's pleasure.

Jericho. Fred/Lilah. NC-17. Walls come a'tumblin'.

Jiggity-Jog. Election crossover. Faith/Tammy. NC-17. Faith is Tammy's type.

Korvish. Wesley/Angel. PG. An expected reunion.

The Last One-Night Stand Before He Reached LA. Stargate: SG-1 crossover. Sam/Wesley. NC-17. Wesley and Sam have sex. And it's hot.

Lead You All The Way Home. Willow/Tara. NC-17. Flame (straight on till morning).

Library Science. Fred/Giles. PG-13. A relationship between two librarians that is 000: not otherwise classifiable.

Library Whispers. Fred/Wesley. NC-17. Wesley helps Fred commemorate the seventh anniversary of her first fall through the portal. With sex. Dark, dirty sex. In a library.

Life, The Universe, and Other Injustices. Giles/Faith/Willow. S3. NC-17. Library (lifetime in a moment). Drabble.

Like a Good Dog Should. Angel/Drusilla/Spike. NC-17. Warnings for S/m, D/s, and crazy. Leather whip. Drabble.

Like Headrush Only Stronger. Willow/Tara. R. Spirals. S4. Drabble.

like the first morning. Willow/Tara. R. Colors (rainbow girls unbroken yet). Short.

Lookin' Pretty. Firefly crossover. Faith/Kaylee. R. Kaylee gets Faith to tone down a bit.

Marmalade Skies. West Wing crossover. Giles/CJ. NC-17. The clutch of gravity and the taste of a dream.

A Million Ways to Be. Firefly crossover. Illyria/River. PG. Death. If I were a madman (sing for you, sing for you.) Drabble.

Mirror Game. Drusilla/Lilah. R. Lilah holds the trump card.

Monster Parade. Angelus/Oz. NC-17. Being a monster is actually kinda complicated.

Moonlighting. Buffy/Oz. NC-17. Toast. (A long-time unexpected ordinary gig one night never.)

Motherhood and Apple Pie. Edna Mae Wilkins/Faith. NC-17. Warnings for mommykink. Children never think their parents understand.

Multinational Faggot Parade. Xander/Oz. NC-17. The space between them is shaped but not like Willow. (Wake up one morning and discover you're gay.)

Much Like Macedonia. Stargate:SG-1 crossover. Daniel/Giles. R. They met in a library.

Never And Always. Buffy/Giles. PG. A game leads to a revelation, which leads a question.

Never Was Cool. Fred/Tara. PG-13. The summer she was fifteen, Tara spent three weeks away from home, fell in love, and learned the sea.

New Luxaries. Firefly crossover. Buffy/Mal. PG-13. Fluff, in which they buy a much-needed door.

Newly Human. Dawn/Anya. NC-17. Two worlds and their collision.

Nine Rules for Living in a Broken World - II: Dance with Your Head Held High. Dark Angel crossover. Original Cindy+Gunn. PG-13 overall. Drabble.

Nine Rules for Living in a Broken World - III: Dance Together. Gunn/Wesley/Fred. PG-13 overall. Drabble.

Nine Rules for Living in a Broken World - V: Dance Like Fighting. Stargate:Atlantis crossover. Teyla/Faith. PG-13 overall. Drabble.

Nine Travelers Who Never Were Lost. Firefly crossover. Several canon pairings in both shows. PG-13 for nudity and innuendo. Landings, lovings, and leavetakings.

No Shame. Angel/Gunn. PG. A fighting style familiar and strange.

Nomatophobia. Wesley/Angel. PG. Fear of names.

Not Blind. Firefly crossover. Fred/Kaylee/Jayne. PG-13. In which they snog.

Not Unfriendly. Giles/Olivia. NC-17. Olivia takes.

Not Since. Harry Potter crossover. Hermione/Giles. PG. It's been years since we've had anybody here and we're obsessed. Drabble.

Now We Are Six. Buffy/Faith/Fred/Giles/Tara/Willow. NC-17. The lone survivors of a failed attempt at saving the world take to the hills.

Of Slaying. Buffy. NC-17. Slaying is the only metaphor Buffy knows.

On the Cusp of Adulthood. Wesley/Cordelia. NC-17. Warnings for ickiness. Cordelia learns a valuable lesson.

One More Mistake. Giles/female. NC-17. Post-S7. Old and kinda gross (Giles sex is not). Drabble.

The One Where Buffy and Xander Stay Sober. Buffy/Xander. PG-13.

The Only Way. Giles/Willow. S7. R. Magic (only, always). Drabble.

Other Addictions. Andromeda crossover. Willow/Ignatius and Beka/Rafe. R. Warnings for Dromverse incest. Ignatius meets the girl of his dreams, Rafe plans the con of a lifetime, and Beka just wants to fly.

Photography. Wesley/Lilah. NC-17. The camera's eye distorts, contorts.

Prayers. Willow/Giles. R. Willow calls out to Giles, but both of them end up learning something.

Preparations. Faith/Tara. R. Their first time together.

Polymorph. Willow/Tara/Fred. NC-17. Three ways of knowing, two conversations, and one new thing.

Remnants of Whatchamacallit Evening. Cordelia/Harmony. PG-13. In which Harmony makes a startling discovery.

Romantic Comedies. Buffy+Tara. PG. Girly movies and lessons learned.

Rosetta. Buffy/Willow. NC-17. Willow learns a new language. Fortunately she's a quick study.

Rules Girl. Eve+Connor. PG-13. Eve and Connor meet on the steps of Wolfram + Hart.

Runaways. Fred/Oz. PG. Fred finds a place.

Running from School. Tara/Amanda. PG-13. Amanda's whole life has sucked until right this minute.

Schoolgirl Chant. West Wing crossover. CJ/Tara. PG. Daisy. Drabble.

See Me. Giles/Buffy. R. Raspberry (on anyone else this vest would be hideous). Drabble.

Shanshu Summer. Angel/Cordelia/Wesley. PG. Once upon a time, anything was possible.

she ain't heavy. West Wing crossover. CJ/Tara. NC-17. That this too solid flesh would melt.

A Simple Thing on Midsummer's Day. Firefly crossover. Fred/Kaylee. R. Fred and Kaylee get married, and River gets a bridesmaid's dress.

A Sip of Tea. WillowTara/Joyce. NC-17. One night while Buffy is patrolling, they think the things that no one ever bothers to wonder about.

Sleepy. Willow/Fred/Wesley. G. Drabble.

Slinky, Untangled. Dawn/Tara. NC-17. Packing, distractions, and 4eva love.

Smells Like. Firefly crossover. Mal/Faith/Saffron. R. They're the kind of people who live underground.

Snow White in Wintertime. Buffy/Dawn. PG-13. Warnings for incest and a hint of necrophilia. And they all lived happily ever after (Dawn's pretty when she's dead).

Sunnywhat?. CA Diaries crossover. Ducky+Sunny. G. Somewhere in California, Ducky's soul.

Sunripe, Moonrot. Nina/Faith. R. Not painting, nor sculpture, nor pottery will conform to the artwork of Faith's movement.

Sunrise. Stargate:SG-1 crossover. Sam/Wesley. PG. S6 SG-1, S3 AtS. Two drabbles.

Sunrise, Sunset (The New Day Dawning Remix). Buffy/Giles. Heed the warnings. NC-17. And the darkness shall turn to dawning, and the dawning to noonday bright.

The Surprises. Faith/Joyce. NC-17. Faith's birthday.

Swaddle. Faith/Tara. NC-17. All bundled up and nowhere to go.

Sweet, Sour, and Sweet Again (The Monster at the End of this Book Remix). Fred+Cordelia. PG. Two deaths, two monsters, two girls who remember.

A Teeny Tiny Temporal Fold. Willow/Giles. NC-17. After "Tabula Rasa," Willow casts a spell that goes horribly wrong.

Their Spiral Text. Fred/Willow. PG. This is one thing that hasn't changed.

Then Try Harder. Buffy/Faith/Tara. NC-17. Darkness (shall turn to dawning).

Theories of Divination. Giles. PG. Giles doesn't believe in fortune-tellers.

This Kind of Magic. Firefly crossover. Fred/Spike. They all thought Fred's soul was destroyed.

This Way Lies Madness. Gone With the Wind crossover. Angelus/Rhett. R. A worse punishment.

Three Kings. Willow/Giles. (Also includes pairings in SG-1 and Emily of New Moon. Not a crossover.) G. To serve and protect, to love and to cherish, to keep watch over their flocks by night.

To Be Wise. Giles/Anya. NC-17. Anya does not seduce.

To Quench Her. Firefly crossover. Jenny/Kaylee. PG. The heat of August awakens new thirsts in Janna's heart.

Tokens Exchanged on the Road to Enlightenment. Wesley/Harmony. NC-17. Don't stand so close to me.

Trouble on Third Street. Willow, Buffy, and Xander. PG. They never talk anymore.

Twilit. Giles/Buffy. PG. Set sometime early. Twilight (but the dawning of our love). Drabble.

Twist, Darling, Twist. Buffy/Angel. NC-17 bodyswap. Even this is nothing like deep enough.

Unlullable. Giles/Willow/Xander. Between S2+3. PG. We sing ourselves to sleep now. Drabble.

Unpacking. Spike/Fred. PG. A commemorative plate, and Spike doing damage to a geek on Fred's behalf.

Vanilla Dare. Dawn/Xander. PG. The night before everything changes, everything changes.

Ways They've Always Been Friends. Willow+Xander. PG-13. Tripping backwards and finding themselves.

We All Go Down Together. Fred/Tara. PG. New-old knowledge discovered after death.

What Is This Thing?. Willow/Xander. PG-13. These are the things they keep inside; this is the night when darkness clears.

Wishing the World Into Unbeing. Gen ensemble. PG-13. A concentration of darkness.

Witch, Wardrobe, and All. Willow/Ethan. R. This summer I, I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This book ha-has many themes... -- Willow, "Restless"

Wooing the Superpower. Dawn/Amanda. PG-13. Amanda has a crush.

The World, Upside Down. Faith/Buffy. NC-17. A map.

Worrywarts. Willow/Giles. PG. Willow is working on her thesis and Giles distracts her.

Untitled drabbles and pr0nlets

untitled Willow/Wesley porn. NC-17.

untitled Willow/Tara innuendo. PG-13.

untitled Wesley/Lilah porn. NC-17. Another place for them to have sex.

untitled Willow/Giles porn. NC-17. Warnings for issues of consent.

From this drabble-set, continued here (first lines of other people's fics):.

Angel. Angel during "Becoming." 190 words.

Dawn. Dawn during "Nightmares." Drabble.

From this drabble-set:

From this drabble-set:

Fiction featuring Joss Whedon and his actors

Duh. Nicky/Michelle. NC-17. In difficult times, some friends are more obliging than others.

Fix It In Post. Joss/Alexis. PG-13. Alexis charmed all of them, but Joss most of all.

Gone Hollywood. Joss/Alexis-as-Wesley. NC-17. Joss Whedon is Pygmalion, King of LA, in love with his own creation.

How Kaylee Came To Be. Joss/Alexis/Kaylee. G. Drabble.

On Notice!. Joss/Alexis. G. Don't they have something better to do with their time? (No.)

Tipsy, Thanksgiving, Need. Joss/Alexis/Aly. R.
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