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fic index: RPF

[Fic index. All posted RPF in all fandoms, including crossovers with fictional universes. These stories are fictional and in no way represent the real lives of the celebrities depicted. This list duplicates RPF listed elsewhere. Does not include works in progress, parody, or crackfic. All fic is listed alphabetically by title. A note on the terminology: / always indicates a romantic relationship, including one-sided and unresolved feelings. + simply indicates two or more featured characters and usually, but not always, indicates friendship fic.]

The Complete and Unabridged History of Us. Farscape RPF. Claudia Black/Ben Browder. PG-13. One evening in the middle of the beginning of the cyclic history of two people together.

Duh. Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPF. Nicky/Michelle. NC-17. In difficult times, some friends are more obliging than others.

Fix It In Post. Jossverse RPF. Joss/Alexis. PG-13. Alexis charmed all of them, but Joss most of all.

Game of Nothing. Grey's Anatomy RPF. Katherine Heigl/Kate Walsh. NC-17. Tonight it's Walsh's turn to be Kate and Heigl's turn to get laid.

Go-Round. BSC RPF/Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood crossover. Ann M. Martin/Lady Elaine Fairchild. PG. On the tip of the Cape, nothing's quite as safe as it seems.

Gone Hollywood. Jossverse RPF. Joss/Alexis-as-Wesley. NC-17. Joss Whedon is Pygmalion, King of LA, in love with his own creation.

How Kaylee Came To Be. Jossverse RPF. Joss/Alexis/Kaylee. G. Drabble.

The Lap of Luxury. Firefly RPF. Summer/Morena. PG-13. Toes. Ficlet.

Now That's Good Television. Firefly RPF. Summer/Sean. NC-17. Celebrity Big Brother, y/y? (YES.)

On Notice!. Jossverse RPF. Joss/Alexis. G. Don't they have something better to do with their time? (No.)

Promise Me a Royal Flush. Farscape/SG-1 RPF. Claudia Black/Ben Browder. PG-13. It will be different this time, Claudia, it will. I promised.

Tipsy, Thanksgiving, Need. Jossverse RPF. Joss/Alexis/Aly. R.
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