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wikipedia meme. I mean, homework. definitely homework.

From all over the flist:
1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band name: Hueco Mountains (and we were high, and above the world, and just past the Texas border, and the world was big and we were alone for the first time. "We should start a band."

The sky was lazy [or just your eyes], and we could have done anything. Floated down on nothing but air.

"Hollow mountains," she says, slow, somber, like she's baptizing a saint.

And none of us feel tiny anymore, but none of us feel hollow; this is, if not purpose, at least a destination.)

Album name: Edythe M. Abdullah. (It's meant to be ironic, a tribute album, everything you love and she hates, everything that's bitterly Floridian and stiflingly educational transformed into the wide-open of road trips and drugs, but it comes to share her name and her values. You call the album Edythe and she becomes your friend, your project, and something purposeful and hopeful that refuses to let you drop out)

Fifteen tracks:
1. "Wrong Number (comics)".
("Dying, dialing, spiraling
this isn't funny anymore")

2. "State Elections Commission of Puerto Rico"
(Somewhere around then, off the coast of our hometown, we became American, and ceased to be)

3. "Liverpool Academy"
(It's meant to be a Beatles tribute, ironic and kitch,
but somehow it falls apart
when you try to sing about Yoko and John
and your drummer can't stop crying)

4. "We Are the Streets"
(a hip-hop remix
tragically unhip)

5. "Henry Grinnell"
(the lyricist [the bass's girl] who loves
long ballads
can't stop poring through histories of arctic exploration

you've never been anywhere but here,
but Heuco Mountains have been)

6. "Sarah Harding"
(fangirly tribute
to a pop artist girlband model cum vocalist
that you wrote in high school
and are hopelessly ashamed of
but can't leave off the album)

7. "Casatenovo"
(moody instrumental
that never quite leaves your head)

8. "Morrissey Discography"
(sometimes it seems that Edythe is nothing but a tribute
to all the artists you've ever loved,
unironic covers
barely disguised lovesongs
and then you get to "Morrissey Discography" and sing
along with yourself the laundry list of songs you love
and your art is important)

9. "Swimming at the 1912 Summer Olympics - Men's 400 Metre Breaststroke"
(secretly, this is your favorite song,
because of the innuendo
and the guitar bridge)

10. "Medina County, Texas"
(Here you gave your first performance,
with borrowed instruments and a crackly mic,
and you sang folksongs and Christmas carols
and got an ovation
and changed the world)

11. "Highland Guan"
(fast and bouncy,
a dance number
in case you ever play at the kind of venue
where people dance)

12. "Bluette Bernon"
(slow and sultry and a hint of jazz
like the actress
is sliding through your larynx
and playing to the nations
from beyond the grave)

13. "Bunny Boots"
(you're loving the alliteration
and the lyricist quit halfway through
so what starts out a solemn, political ballad
becomes a riff on Easter hymnody
with a bonus catalogue of all the shoes
in the drummer's closet
that somehow makes more sense)

14. "Toys For Bob"
("And he would not stop crying
'toys for Bob! toys for Bob!'")

15. "George Murray, 6th Duke of Atholl"
(you wanted to end with something bright, and deep
something that would fill hollow mountains
something you'd never learn at Florida Community College
something you needed to have lived to understand
but you're sometimes afraid
when the last notes fade
that it will never make as much sense
as it did
in your heart)
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